Our Leaders

Pastors Joshua & Keren

Joshua and Keren Swilley

Lead Pastors

Pastors Joshua and Keren Swilley come from families who have always put a value on ministering to the local church body.  They have served for many years in the youth, worship and administrative areas of church ministry.  They have traveled around the nation as evangelists and Christian worship artists.  Now as the lead pastors at Hope United, they dedicate most of their energy to building a generation of Christian leaders who are alive in God’s purpose.  They have two beautiful children, Esperanza Celeste and Christian Alejandro.  Their life’s mission is the passionate pursuit of God and the fulfillment of His Kingdom.

Pastors Clarence and Carol

Clarence and Carol Brownlee

Pastoral Team
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Pastor Carol Brownlee has called Hope Church home for almost two decades.  She was ordained as a Shepherding Pastor at Hope Church in 2001.  She serves as administrative assistant to Hope’s Apostle Duane Swilley and Lead Pastors Joshua and Keren Swilley.  A certified life coach, her passion is mentoring individuals struggling with addictions and those battling HIV/AIDS.  She and her husband, Pastor Clarence Brownlee, have six adult children and five grandchildren.

Decorated retired Miami-Dade County firefighter, Pastor Clarence Brownlee, was ordained with his wife, Carol, as a Shepherding Pastor at Hope Church in 2001.  Also a life coach, Pastor Clarence too is passionate about serving those struggling with addictions.  With nearly thirty years of personal addiction recovery, Pastor Clarence is dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction.

Danny and Angelica

Daniel and Angelica Kurzweil

Pastoral Team
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Daniel and Angelica Kurzweil have been serving the vision of Hope United since 2004 when they were both ordained as pastors over the children’s ministry.  Daniel now serves as an elder in the ministry.  He is also the church’s Pastor of Administration, while his wife, Angelica, continues to serve as pastor over the children’s ministry alongside Pastor Minvera Hector.  The Kurzweils were married in 1993, and have four dynamic children – Yohann, who serves as a youth elder at Hope United, Aaron, and twins, Isabel and Lillian.

Pastor Minerva

Minerva Hector

Pastoral Team

Pastor Minerva Hector is a faithful servant in the body of Jesus Christ.  She was ordained as a Children’s Pastor at Hope United in 2013.  Her number one passion is ministry to children by training, empowering, and discipling them to grow in the Word of God, their gifts, their destiny and the great commission, which is to go into all the world and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She is a mother of two, a grandmother and a spiritual mother to all of the children whose lives she has touched during thirty plus years in children’s ministry.  She has studied at the Hope Institute for Life Learning and attends BSF International.

Pastor Sandra

Sandra Ward

Pastoral Team
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Pastor Sandra Ward is the coordinator of the Intercessory Ministry at Hope United.  She also oversees the church’s Single Parents Ministry.  She was ordained as a pastor at Hope United in 2013.  She aspires to encourage others, and bring life to the hopeless.  She is a motivator, who steers God’s people to the destiny He has called them to, and is dedicated to raising champions.  She is the mother of three adult children; Michael, Katrina and Tiffany.

Elder Manny 2

Elder Manny Rodriguez

Church Elder

Manny Rodriguez has served in various capacities of ministry for many years, and faithfully served at Hope United in several ministries, such as the church’s First Impressions Ministry as a greeter, before being ordained as an elder in 2013.  Elder Manny also has experience as a counselor.  His wife, Alexis, also serves in ministry at Hope United.


Jerrod Buffington

Youth Elder
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Youth Elder Jerrod David Buffington is a product of Hope United, having attended the church with his family as a young boy.  After moving to Georgia with his family at the age of eleven, Youth Elder Jerrod got involved heavily in drugs and crime.  During his second sentence to the state prison, he had an encounter with God.  He has been called to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ’s resurrection to as many people as possible.  He now serves at Hope United under the covering of Pastors Joshua and Keren as a youth elder.  He also works with local mentoring programs, making an impact on the community through Jesus Christ.


Kimberly Lucien

Youth Elder
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Kimberly assisted in the youth ministry, The Resistance, and became one of its leaders before being ordained as a Youth Elder in 2013.  A true worshipper, Kimberly also served as a part of Hope United’s Worship Arts Ministry as a member of the praise team.  She is currently attending Nova Southeastern University.


Yohann Kurzweil

Youth Elder
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Yohann has been serving at Hope United for the last six years.  He has served in various ministries, including the technology and sound ministry and the music ministry, where he plays guitar.  He served in the youth ministry, The Resistance, for four years before being ordained as a youth elder in 2013. He considers the Resistance to be an extension of who he is, what he believes and the truths he holds on to.  Yohann received a full scholarship to Nova Southeastern University where he is currently studying biology.